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1. version 0.8.11(released 24/10/2015)

2. version 0.8.10(released 02/08/2015)

3. version 0.8.9(released 14/10/2014)

  • feature 181 Expose itemView in ItemPresentationModel.updateData(), so that we can fall back to the standard android way when needed.

  • feature 48 Utilize code generation instead of Java reflection to improve performance. About code generation settings, please refer to doc under Environment Setup. With introduction of code generation, PresentationModel is further simplified. It only needs to implement the interface org.robobinding.presentationmodel.HasPresentationModelChangeSupport(AbstractPresentationModel has been removed). For further information, please refer to Presentation Models.

4. version 0.8.8(released 26/09/2014)

  • bug #176 multiple two-way bindings to same property is not working.

  • bug #178 NullPointer in Android 4.4 KitKat with spinner in horizontal oriented LinearLayout. Affected by this bug, there are some API changes to org.robobinding.ViewBinder and org.robobinding.binder.Binders.

5. version 0.8.7(released 24/09/2014)

  • bug #172 NullPointer when invoking a setter in the contructor of a PresentationModel with AspectJ.

  • improvement #174 Removed the need of org.robobinding.itempresentationmodel.AbstractItemPresentationModel to prevent confusion.

  • new feature #170 Safeguard the updates to PresentationModels only executed within UI thread.

6. version 0.8.6(released 20/09/2014)

  • Made a change to the PresentationModel AspectJ approach. It is now required to explicitly define a PresentationModelChangeSupport field in a presentation model in order to use the methods like firePropertyChange("propertyName");

  • Made a minor change to proguard config.

  • Clean up the javadocs. Now it only includes the public APIs.

  • Upgraded framework and all sample projects to Gradle build.

  • Upgraded to Robolectric 2.3 for tests.